Friday, January 21, 2011

Do Ya Think We Rely a Little Too Much on the Internet?

I laughed so hard when Anne-with-an-e told me this:

Anne: Mom, last night I dreamed that you couldn't eat pizza because the internet told you that you couldn't. You were on the computer and you got a message saying, "Error ... you are not allowed to access this food."

Me: Huh? 

Anne: In my dream. You told us that you did not have access to eating pizza. Then you got on the computer and Googled, "When can I eat pizza again?"


The Bookworm said...

So funny! I think if my computer started telling me I couldn't eat pizza (or chocolate, or drink coffee), that might be the point at which I would seriously consider whether the computer had to go!

Karen E. said...

Most definitely, Bookworm. Some addictions are more vital than others. :)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

I've received a few comments from my kids that lead me to believe I've overdone the computer. It's hard to break away at times when I'm on deadline and doing other essential work on it. But I do take these comments seriously. Sometimes they are valid. Sometimes not. Either way, the balance is always hard to achieve but something to aim for.

They say that dreams are either hopes or fears. I think Anne has some fears about whether she will be fed based on your computer usage. :)