Monday, December 13, 2010

Tsk, Tsk: The Things That Get Overlooked

Ramona recently let me know that she has never seen The Wizard of Oz.

What? And I call myself a good mother?

So, today while the older girls were out seeing a movie with friends, Ramona and I settled in for a home viewing of an old classic.

Before we got started, Ramona showed me her checklist of necessities: 

All were present and accounted for. We had a marvelous afternoon. And when I was Ramona's age, I would have killed for her red glitter shoes.


Melanie B said...

When I was Ramona's age I'd have killed for them too.

Though I might have been enough of a purist as far as the OZ books were concerned to have preferred to own them in silver. Though maybe it was later in life that particular streak of puritanism.

Lately I've been feeling guilty because when Bella was Sophie's age she had both books of Winnie the Pooh practically memorized whereas Sophie hasn't even got through them once. Poor younger siblings!

Emily said...

Well I am so glad you have rectified this situation! I have been watching the Wizard of Oz since I was about a year old and the VHS tape cost $88!
I am very suspicious of anyone who reaches adult hood and hasn't seen this movie. So glad you fixed that. :)

Jennifer said...

I love that those slippers are so readily available these days. I caved one year too. I'm so not the glittery girl, but my daughter was thrilled.
And yikes! My babies haven't seen it either.

Liz said...

One of the sad things in my life is that neither of my kids nor my husband like this movie. I used to watch it with my family every year when it was on broadcast TV, but now when it comes on all I get are moans if I even suggest watching it. I think I need to get a copy for myself so I can remove myself to the bedroom with cocoa, and popcorn and watch it all by myself.

Abby said...

It's actually probably better that you waited till she was a little bit older - I'm *still* scared of the flying monkeys from having watched it a bit too young. And don't even get me started on the terrifyingness that is The Return to Oz...

Skysaw said...

When I was a kid, from ages 4 to about 7 I viewed the broadcasting of Oz as an alternate Christmas. Major excitement, scary monkeys and all.

Emily said...

I think the monkeys are not scary if you start them before they can really process the movie. I was never scared of them and I started really young. The scariest thing for me was the when the witch replaces Auntie Em in the crystal ball. Shiver!
And "Return to Oz" is really, really frightening. Removable heads?! This is a kids' movie?!

Beth said...

Oh, love it -- Ramona's list, the red glitter shoes -- all of it! If my Ramona saw this post, she would no doubt want those shoes too. (She has a beautiful bright red pair, sans glitter, that she wears around the house, waiting to grow into them. An older girl at church gave them to her a few months ago, but they're still about 4 sizes too big.)

Y'know, we've not yet showed her Wizard of Oz either...though we have read the book. Hmm...gotta add that one to the must see list.