Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#1 Lie Writers Tell Themselves:

"It's okay that I'm not writing this down ... I'll remember this idea."


I won't.
I never do.
Must carry paper and pen while walking dog ....

I'm going to go write that down.


Tracy said...

Maybe carry a voice recorder while you walk the dog? :)

Jennifer said...

I think you could extend this to include anyone with children. I'm one of those super classy ladies who walks around with notes scribbled down on my arm.

tanita davis said...

Ugh, boo. I'm so sorry. I finally learned. I have a pad of paper by the bed, one on the coffee table, one on my desk (though I could just type notes to myself there, often I'm in another doc and don't want to take even that short moment to close out of it and open a new one), one in my purse, and one in every bookbag I own. And I still forget things.


jFosberry said...

Yep. I keep having this problem even though I have paper available. I believe I have some super power or that the idea is so strong. And then......

Karen E. said...

"or that the idea is so strong."

Yes! That is my problem exactly!

Tanita, thanks for the sympathy ugh. I have paper stationed all over the place, too, but the dog-walking is a relatively new routine in my life and I keep forgetting to arm myself. Anne Lamott said she doesn't go anywhere, not even on a walk, without an index card jammed into a pocket.

Jennifer, arms are good, too. And Tracy, a voice recorder is a great idea, but first I'd have to find where my kids left the ipod, right? :)