Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smitten with de Sales

Always have been (well, for as long as I've been a Catholic.) Always will be.

Quotes for the week (from Daily with de Sales):

Sometimes the Lord desires that our souls be nourished by a firm and unfailing resolution to persevere in serving Him in the spiritual life amid hardships, dryness, repugnances and delusions, deprived of every consolation. Our souls indeed experience no spiritual enjoyment, but believe that they are not worthy of anything except to remain close to their Savior by a courageous spiritual effort, without any support except the Divine Will. This is Your will; how ardently I desire it! -- (Spiritual Treatises II; O. VI, p. 27)
Why should I worry whether God prefers that I say the rosary or the office of Our Lady? There are not such great differences between the two as to require a long inquiry. The same applies to questions such as: Should I go to the hospital to visit the sick rather than attend Vespers? Should I go to hear a sermon rather than visit an indulgenced church? Ordinarily, there is no greater importance in one than the other, nor need for lengthy deliberation. We must proceed in good faith and without making subtle distinctions in such affairs. Do freely what seems good at the moment, and do not worry your mind or waste your time! -- (T.L.G. Book 8, Ch. 14; O. V, p 106)

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