Sunday, June 27, 2010

Culture Gauge -- A Resource for Parents

I haven't had time to look through the entire site, but I received an email from the people at Culture Gauge, and it looks as if their summaries and reviews offer a great way to help parents stay on top of the constant bombardment of media messages.

From the website:
He [Jim Havens] recognized three ways parents were dealing with the popular media: the unaware parent (“it’s not so bad”), the overprotective parent (“I will shield my child from all media”), and the wise parent (“I need to raise my child to understand the popular media messages and teach them how to reject the bad and choose the good”).
That aligns with the Edmisten House Philosophy -- we try to be the wise parents, and take a look at, discuss and sift through what we and our children consume. I don't always feel terribly wise, but the "informed consumer" approach seems the best for our family in this media-driven world.

Here is a page of free samples showing the kinds of reviews available at Culture Gauge, and here is the membership page where you can sign up. 

"Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule."

                         -- Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2223

(Note: I have no material interest in the website; I just try to pass on good stuff!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this resource!

My Chocolate Heart said...

Thanks, Karen! Great link, helpful site. Hadn't heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Overprotective Parents Club.
In some way, I get the feeling from Mr. Haven's description on his website, that we are somehow not "wise." However, even within good Catholic circles, I am saddened that we are still categorized... (I myself, suffer from this.) Instead, I like to think of Mr. Haven's parental categories as stages or even interior rooms, as St. Teresa described areas/levels of spirituality. The majority of today's parents need to be in the "wise" category that is directed toward. This website is just a step in God's process of purifying the world. However, there is still a "wise" purpose for overprotective parents. They are raising future adults that will hold steadfast to the removal of all inappropriate media messages. They won't be desensitized or tolerant. They will simply say no, no to supporting the media, and yes to supporting Truth and Purity only. They will help the purification process move forward. I truly believe if the Blessed Mother were raising children today, she would also fall into the Overprotective Parent Club. May God continue to provide the grace needed for all the interior rooms of today's culture.

Karen E. said...

Hi, Anonymous, and thanks for your thoughtful comments.

Personally I would call you wise, because you clearly use modern media/technology (blogs/internet) but are interested in making responsible choices about it for yourself and your family. :)

Also, I don't think "protective" and "overprotective" mean the same thing. You sound protective to me; I am also a protective parent.

I do agree that it's too bad we're all so eager to categorize one another. I am sorry if this post sounded like a judgment or pigeonholing of any particular type of parent. It wasn't meant to be.

You mentioned raising children who will steadfastly hold "to the removal of all inappropriate media messages." I don't think that in a fallen world we will ever reach the condition of the removal of all inappropriate media messages. But, we can reach a condition of, as Mr. Havens says, rejecting the bad and choosing the good. That's my constant and ongoing goal, for myself and my children.

Thanks for stopping by!

JOse said...

Have tried to download the culture gauge podcasts but not working. Also your link to their site doesn't work I wonder if they are still running.

Karen Edmisten said...

Sadly, they had to shut down! Thanks for the reminder to remove the link.