Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conference News from the Inbox

Are you a Catholic homeschooler in Minnesota? If you are, you can attend the Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and hear speakers such as Dr. Ray Guarendi, Maureen Wittmann, Ana Braga-Henebry, and Minnesota Mom, Margaret Berns.  Wish I could join them!


At the First Annual Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference you can meet Alicia Van Hecke and soak up some of her wisdom.

The Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference will feature Andrew Pudewa and Danielle Bean.  


Closer to home (but still hitting up against a conflict in my schedule that will prevent me from attending) is the Omaha Catholic Homeschool Conference featuring Rachel Watkins, who created the Little Flowers Girls' Club, and Theresa Monaghen from Pro Sanctity.

And, my oldest and dearest friend, Jack Donnelly (well, not oldest -- he's actually younger than I am -- but certainly dearest ... I was the best man at his wedding!) will give a talk on the Six Traits of Excellent Writing. Jack is also the founder and director of the Omaha Homeschool Learning Center.  The conference is sponsored by Adoremus Books, a beautiful bookstore owned and operated by a homeschooling family.


MicheleQ said...

May I add another? The "It's Great to Be Catholic" Family and Home Education Conference June 18 and 19 2010 in Lansing Michigan. Speakers include: Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, Joseph Pearce and many more. Yours truly will be speaking on Charlotte Mason, Mater Amabilis and incorporating the fine arts into your curriculum. Website is:

Meredith said...

Ooh, great list, I wish I could go to them all, so many great ladies speaking!! I'm excited to be speaking at the Rocky Mtn conference this year and am so looking forward to meeting Danielle Bean :) I am so glad you put up this list, thank you!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I would love to hear your friend Jack speak. Will it be recorded?