Friday, March 12, 2010

That's, like, not romantic

Yesterday, Anne-with-an-e and I were listening to the soundtrack from August Rush. She mentioned that she and Betsy have a minor thing for Jonathan Rhys Meyers and that, somehow, everything sounds more romantic when spoken with an accent from anywhere in the U.K.

"Except," she added, "something like, 'Can you give me a ride to the courthouse? I'm late for my hearing.'"

I almost spit out my drink laughing.

I love spending time with these people.


tanita davis said...

Oh, my word. That's hilarious. And it's kind of true, except if they're the boiler repairman on the phone and you can't quite catch every word because they talk fast and have that romantic accent.

Then it makes you feel goofy.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I agree. Especially Scottish accents.

sarah said...

I had a thing for JRM back when he was just a teenager in Gormenghast. Now that he is all down-and-dirty (I'm pretty sure your girls haven't seen The Tudors) I've kind of gone off him.

But I'll never ever go off a British accent.

Karen E. said...

Sarah, you're right, they have seen him only in August Rush, so he is preserved in their memories as tortured-by-true-love Louis. :)

Tanita, too funny!