Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laetare Sunday! Rejoice!

Did you see pink at Mass today?

Or does your priest prefer to call it "rose"?

We've had both kinds of priests here. One of them used to say "real men can wear pink" on this, Laetare Sunday. The fourth Sunday of Lent is cause for rejoicing ... we're more than halfway through the penitential season, and we eagerly await the joy of Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection.

More information on Laetare Sunday can be found here and here.

Have a blessed, joyous day.


Christine M said...

No pink - or rose - today. Just Lenten Purple. No mention of it being Laetare Sunday either. I feel kind of cheated.

Elizabeth M said...

We had rose -- and a brief commentary before Mass explaining Laetare Sunday.
My son called it pink after Mass, and Father corrected him -- "It's rose!"

Anonymous said...

In England, in the Anglican tradition the fourth sunday is 'Mothering Sunday' It predates 'Mothers Day' and traditionally it was when servants would go home to visit their parents and mother church. Our Vicar was still wearing purple though.