Monday, February 08, 2010

Just Read the Book, For Pete's Sake

Do you ever check in on your blog stats?  And you see that someone spent an extended period of time reading your blog?

And so you say to yourself, "Self, that is so rewarding. I'm gratified that someone found something so worthwhile on my blog. That's why I do this. To be helpful."

And then you glance at their search words and discover how they ended up at your blog? And you realize their search words were "Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan" or "What is the plot of Escape from Warsaw?"

And you know that your ever-so-helpful words probably just ended up in some sixth grader's book report?

And you think, "I really hope you get caught," or, "Did you take out the part about Anne-with-an-e and Betsy after you cut and pasted? Because I hope you didn't."

Not that I don't want to be helpful.  I just want them to get caught before they enter a full-blown life of crime.  I'm talkin' about you and your ilk, Anonymous.

Thus ends today's cautionary tale.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Karen, caught em red-handed! Those stats can surely be interesting, can't they? There is no such thing as anonymous in God's world. He's always on to them, and on to us as well. We have to stay accountable for God's and our sake, and keep others accountable as well if need be. Definitely appears to be an amateur, though. :)

Melissa Wiley said...

SO funny to read this here this morning---because *this very morning* I was exclaiming (and nearly tweeting) about the same subject. For me, it's Cynthia Lord's RULES, which much be one of the most frequently assigned books in classrooms nowadays, judging by the masses of googlers landing on my blog after searching some variation on "theme and plot of Rules by Cynthia Lord" and other book-reportish questions.

Karen E. said...

Lissa, how funny. I know we've talked about it in the past, but so funny it was on your mind yesterday, too. My other top search for a book like that is Hilda van Stockum's Borrowed House.

Roxane, yes, I had to go back in time a bit to find an actual comment -- that "i hate this book" made me laugh, poor kid. :) Usually the anonymous searchers don't leave comments ....