Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Easy Pumpkin Turkey Craft

I am not the Queen of Crafts, but I like to share the easy projects, the ones that make me feel like a Craft Mom, even though I'm actually a wildly poor imitation, as any genuine Craft Mom would tell you. But, whenever I do something that has to be displayed, saved in a file, or makes me think, "Hmmm, I wonder what the kids will consider a respectable time before I can throw this away?" then I can check the following off my to-do list:

___ Adequate Craft Mom Today

The credit for today's idea goes to my great friend, Heather. I first shared it about three years ago, when the memory of Heather's perfect, relaxed, amazing little Girl Scout troop was still fresh in my mind. Anne, Betsy and I loved every idea Heather ever came up with -- she was so creative. A True Craft Mom. 

On to the Easy Craft of the Day: These turkeys were very easy. The head and feathers were glued to craft sticks, and stuck into the pumpkin (I think we used some cutting tools or paring knives to help the girls accomplish that part.) The "bow tie" for Mr. Turkey on the right is raffia and was attached with hot glue. (Don't you love the way I say "hot glue" as if it's a common component of everyday life?)  I think we had some patterns for the head, feathers and hats but the kids were free to make their own, too, I think -- I don't remember for certain (don't you love that kind of detail and confidence in a craft instruction? I'm every bit as helpful as the instructions for some "assembly required" furniture, aren't I?)

Here are a few other pumpkin turkeys that I found:

This one is at Kaboose, has patterns and is very easy.

This one
, at Family Fun, is a little more involved.

Here's another easy one.

Now, there's just one little problem. All of our pumpkins already rotted, so Ramona will not be able to do this craft.

Don't tell her what she's missing, okay?

I'll just get some glitter out and we'll call it good.

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