Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Don't Panic, But Advent is 24 Days Away


I'm still wiping Halloween chocolate from my chin, but the season of preparation approaches.

Amazing, isn't it, how time just keeps happening? Sometimes I wish it would cut that out, but since we can't fight it we might as well plan for it.

Here's a link to my No-Panic Advent series (the posts are in reverse order.)

Start not panicking now.

You've got it all under control. You're the Donna Reed of the liturgical year, right? So, go grab that file you started last Advent.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Our school has an Advent program the first week of December. It is a beautiful event filled with light and hope and the voices of children singing pre-Christmas songs. It definitely is my kickoff to Advent in many ways. But, I'm one of those who is always scrambling last-minute to find the Advent wreath, so, thanks, Karen, for keeping me on my toes!

Sarah N. said...

I'm laughing because I just realized yesterday how close Advent is and pulled up my trusty Advent file that I made last year after reading your series. The first thing on the list was - order two Advent calenders in mid November so I'm already on track! Thanks for this great series!!!

My Chocolate Heart said...

If anyone knows where to find a well-made, Advent calendar featuring the Holy Family and not Santa Claus, give a girl a clue!
You know the cloth calendars with a pocket for each day.. that sort of thing.
There's a slew of them with Santa and Christmas trees and stuff, but not with the Nativity.