Monday, August 10, 2009

A chatty week

Tomorrow, Pat Gohn will publish an interview (which we recorded last month) at her Among Women podcast site. Pat and I spent quite awhile talking about prayer, relationships with our Blessed Mother, the Rosary, and my book. Join us as we look forward to an upcoming holy day, the Assumption; Pat offers lots of nuggets about that holy day.

The direct link to the podcast is here.

And, some ideas for celebrating the Assumption with the kids are here at Catholic Culture.


Wednesday, the 12th, I'll be on KVSS talking with Bruce and Kris McGregor. Join us at 7 a.m. central time. You can listen online -- just click here.

Just an fyi: KVSS carries loads of great shows -- check out their program guide here.

And, you know how I mention in the book that if a radio station broadcasts the Rosary at times that work for you, that can be a great way to start praying it more regularly? Take a look at some of the times from which you can choose on KVSS:

6 a.m.
The Angelus, The Holy Rosary with Sr. Mary Lucy

9 a.m.
The Holy Rosary for Vocations with Msgr. Peter Dunne

10 p.m.
The Holy Rosary with Msgr. Peter Dunne

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