Sunday, June 14, 2009

One thing at a time

Every summer, I feel the need to clean up the vestiges of our school year and then prep our space (oh, heaven help me, I sound like HGTV -- our home) for the next one.

Yesterday, tired of overflowing books in the basement, books with no home base -- the ones that end up in piles and shoved into cupboards -- I enlisted the sorting help of Atticus. We gave some (not enough) away then bought a bookcase that was 50% off its already low price (insert excessive patting of one's own back here.)

I assembled it (minus the frustration described halfway through this post -- victory!) and escorted books to their new home upstairs. I tidied the basement bookshelves, which are no longer overflowing and felt immense satisfaction. (I hesitate to mention it, but in the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I have not allotted space for all the To-Be-Read piles which seem to grow unchecked next to my bed, on Atticus' dresser, on the end table in the living room, in the basket under the end table .... But, that's another post. So is the subject of the kids' bookshelves.)

Then I walked into the kitchen (which had gotten no attention all morning, since I devoted all my energy to the books) and groaned in that way that says, "I'm being a big baby and acting as if my life is just one huge chore after another." I voiced this big baby-ism aloud: "Oh, no ... this kitchen is a mess."

"But," said Anne-with-an-e, quite cheerily, "the bookshelves look great!"

She was right.

Thanks for reminding me, Anne.

One thing at a time.

We can't do it all.


Danae said...

There is something, strangely, fun about organizing a new bookshelf. I am a sucker for bookshelves.

Theresa said...

I am in the same cleanse,purge, organize mode (must be the residual public school teacher left in me) and am in dire need of additional bookshelves.I still have, a dozen boxes full of books to unpack. Wanna come help?

Rebecca said...

Hi Karen,

I love your blog - thanks for the comments on mine, which led me here. I smiled when I saw your post, as I am on the verge of posting my own bookshelf picture! I know exactly what you mean. We just finished building some shelves to hold our overflowing collection, and I have been arranging and rearranging. It's great to get organized!

Barb, sfo said...

OOO, a new bookcase! Such promise that holds...I too am guilty of several ever-taller "to-read" piles all over the place. I just absolve myself by saying I'm setting a good example for my children with my love of reading. :)

momto5minnies said...

It looks great Karen!

One of my daughters decided to clean out her bookshelf. OF course I was not ready to do the room by room book switch. Now I see a lovely pile of books on the floor of her sister's room :(

I'll have some time this weekend to tackle this project.

Anonymous said...

How come, I your favorite sister-in-law am the only one that noticed we didn't get to see a picture of the kitchen? Nancy

Karen E. said...

Nancy, I was hoping no one would think of that. :)