Friday, April 03, 2009

Poetry Friday? Poetry Month!

In honor of National Poetry Month, I'm directing you (in verse, of course) to a few other sites.

Have a lovely, lilting, literary day and a mad, merry, marvelous month!


by Karen Edmisten

It's Poetry Month
and I can see
rhyme in the air
surrounding me

Wiley is busy
tweeting in verse
Gregory's posting
various firsts

Wrung Sponge is giving us
loads of great links:
poetic offerings!
Heaven, methinks.

Sara will share with us
quotes from the biz

She's letting us know
what poetry is.

Liz is haiku-ing
and why shouldn't she?
Haiku's sublime,
always capturing me.

Jama's amazing.
There's feasting galore
at Alphabet Soup:
linky goodness and more.

Tricia will feature
the writers of verse
Such riches, such treasures!
I'll go grab my purse.

Oh, wait -- It's all free!
So, c'mon, join the fun!
This Poetry Fest
is for everyone.

One more thing I must share:

Poets & Writers and Daily Lit have teamed up to bring you a Master of Verse every day in April. And it's free! You'll find the daily poem here, at Poets & Writers, or by subscribing here, at Daily Lit to receive a poem a day in your Inbox.


Today's Poetry Friday round up is at


Andromeda Jazmon said...

Mah-vah-lous Dahling! You are so clever! Thanks for the extra links.

jama said...

This is too cool! *rousing applause*

Thanks for the heads up on the Poets and Writers poem a day. :)

Janet said...

Too clever! :-) How do you toss these off?

Liz in Ink said...

Wow!!!! this is awesome! Thanks for including me!

Yat-Yee said...

A true wordsmith! Bravo, bravo! And thanks for the links, BTW.

Gregory K. said...

Standing O from me in the cheap seats! Good times. And great links, too!