Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

We've been busy!

In the past week or so, we:

  • Got the whole family over to help with Kids Against Hunger. Always a good thing. The director shared the full-length version of this Rob Bell video, which offers the kind of statistics I often share with my kids, and want them to be aware of. I hope they will never lose sight of the fact that we are rich, and most of the world is decidedly not.
  • Got everyone into the dentist. Betsy said later, "I don't see the appeal of being a dentist. Except, maybe ... pulling teeth." When I said, "Yuck!" she replied, "Well, you know how I like taking things apart."
  • Also had a visit to the orthodontist, wherein no one said anything that elicited the reaction, "Yuck."
  • Had choir practice -- I'm helping direct a youth choir musical. We have two rehearsals left (with a hefty two-week gap between practices, due to Holy Week. Third graders do not do well with two-week gaps, and we have third-graders aplenty in the cast.) I. AM. NOT. READY. But, ummm ... I'm sure the kids are. Yeah, that's the ticket. "It'll all come together, Mom," my encouraging girls keep telling me.
  • Celebrated a baptismal birthday. Huzzah!
  • Got to Stations of the Cross, and heard the most sublime presentation of Heinrich's Schutz's The Seven Last Words of Christ. Quite beautiful.
  • Got to confession.
  • Met the people for whom we've been praying all year, our RCIA prayer partners.

And then there was the usual schooly stuff, read-alouds, friends over, and the like. I squeezed some writing in there somewhere, too, and I'm trying to preview a few books for the girls.

Occasionally, people ask me how I do all that I do. I can only scoff, as there are many people who do far more than I do, and do it far more efficiently.

For the record, the answer is simple: "Sometimes I think my head will explode."

But, it never does. And that's always a good thing.

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