Friday, December 05, 2008

It's St. Nicholas Eve!

We love to celebrate this feast day!

Tonight, the girls will leave their shoes outside their bedroom doors. It's highly likely that in the morning they'll find chocolate coins, and a few small gifts ( a craft, an ornament, or an ornament-craft ... something like that. I'm guessing.)

There are lots of activities centered on the saint and on his connection to Christ and Christmas.

My favorite St. Nicholas resource is the St. Nicholas Center, loaded with fun ideas, activities and recipes. They even have instructions for a St. Nicholas spoon saint, ala Alice Gunther, from Cottage Blessings.

And, for us, it's a tradition to watch Nicholas:The Boy Who Became Santa.

Visit Mary Ellen at O Night Divine for more information.

And, go to Catholic Cuisine for a St. Nicholas fair.

Panic Warning:

Too! Many! Good! Ideas! Keep the files handy, people. There's always next year.

(Clip art above courtesy of Two Hearts Design.)

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Beck said...

We love it, too! My kids are SO excited.