Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're all Norm

from Cheers.

That's what cyberspace is.

Cyberspace, the blog-o-sphere, whatever you want to call it, is that ideal bar that doesn't exist. I mean, really. Did any of us buy that such a neighborhood bar could exist? Someplace you could mosey into any time of the day or night and find your closest, wittiest friends? Always someone there you liked, could talk to, or fall in love with?

In real life, friends are off having a life, spending time with their kids, working real jobs, visiting their in-laws, calling the insurance company, cleaning a toilet, or returning something at Target.

But, in the blog-o-sphere, no one has to actually be in the bar at the same time you are. That's the beauty of it. You can drop in on the bar at midnight, when you have a few quiet moments, and even if all your favorite people are morning people who went to bed two hours ago, there they are. Right where everybody knows your name.

Such convenience. And smoke-free, too.


Theresa said...

OH, I LOVE IT!!!!!What a fantastic metaphor, Karen!

Melanie B said...

Wow! Yeah. That's it.

Suzanne Temple said...

Love this, Karen.

Especially the returning of things to Target line.

Jennifer said...

Agreed. It's 4:30AM here and I get to visit with you! :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Am I one of those "morning people" friends? Clearly Jenn is!

Love to you, my beloved Norm of NE, today and always.

Beck said...

AWESOME and hilarious metaphor. So long as we're not Cliff or Carla, rigt?

Sarah Reinhard said...

Exactly (in all the good ways) :)