Monday, October 20, 2008

Geography games

A friend recently mentioned this site to me, and then a member of the local homeschooling group passed on the link.

Place the State requires you to drag and drop the state into the right spot on a completely blank U.S. map. It's a challenge to be that exact!

Lots of other free games at Sheppard Software, too. (The site is loaded with ads -- not thrilled about the Zwinky ones -- so be aware.)


The Bookworm said...

I just managed 78% on the US one, which I thought quite creditable for a non-American :). I did better with Europe, though. And do you know, even though you warned about the ads, I still didn't notice them!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

We've been playing this all afternoon. Thank you for the link!

[No one needs know that my son scored 2% better than I did, do they?]

Lindsay said...

This looks like fun, but if your kids are perfectionists it will drive them crazy. Early states were square and in the middle of the country and if you are off by 1 mile it counts against your score. Once you get some framework it's more fun.