Friday, August 15, 2008

The Solemnity of the Assumption

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I have to note that Ramona was not keen on going to Mass tonight. She was tired, and wanted to stay home. Anne-with-an-e admitted that she, too, was tired, and that a part of her just wanted to stay home and flop on the couch. She knew she wouldn't actually do that, but she admitted to the feeling.

I admitted to them that we all feel that way sometimes. "But," I told them, "even when we're tired, and we don't feel like going anywhere, even to Mass, we're always glad later that we went. You'll feel so happy tonight that you had the opportunity to receive Jesus, and you'll be glad that you did what God wanted you to do today, which is to go to Mass and honor Mary."

After a gorgeous bilingual Mass (I always feel an even greater sense of community at the bilingual Masses) during which Anne sang beautifully with the parish choir and we heard an energetic and inspiring homily, we were all recharged.

"Now, that's why we go to Mass on a holy day!" I exclaimed as we piled into the van. "Wasn't it worth it?"

It was.

(Painting: Guido Reni, 1475-1642)

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

This is a lovely post, Karen, and its sentiments are very real.

Happy Feast, Sweetie!