Friday, August 22, 2008

Poetry Friday

Because words matter.

Because I love Billy Collins.

Here's today's CollinsFest:

Billy Collins on How to Read a Poem Out Loud.

An interview with Billy Collins, at Highlights Parents, about Sharing Poetry with Children.

Billy Collins talking to Noah Adams on NPR.

from his poem, Thesaurus:

I can see my own copy up on a high shelf.
I rarely open it, because I know there is no
such thing as a synonym and because I get nervous
around people who always assemble with their own kind,
forming clubs and nailing signs to closed front doors
while others huddle alone in the dark streets.

I would rather see words out on their own, away
from their families and the warehouse of Roget,
wandering the world where they sometimes fall
in love with a completely different word ....

The round-up this week is at Read. Imagine. Talk.


Kelly Fineman said...

Oh, how I adore Billy Collins. So wry. So smart.

So, thank you.

Tabatha Yeatts said...

What a coincidence! I also posted a bit of Thesaurus this week, but a different part.

I, too, love Billy Collins!

Mary Lee said...

Thank you for the CollinsFest. I can't ever have too much Collins!!!

Sara said...

Ha! I was here reading your PF entry when a comment popped up from you on mine! Saturday mornings are great for poetry wanderings...

I love it in that Highlights interview when Billy Collins says "The spoon has something in common with the big thing in the sky, the moon. Our basic desire is to connect what's around us."

I couldn't get the How to Read a Poem Out Loud link to work, though.

Karen E. said...

Thanks for letting me know, Sara! I had one http too many in there. :-)

Sarah Reinhard said...

Oh, I'm going to have to go click through...but not this morning when I'm having a blogbinge and catching up all over the place... :)

You know, you're the reason (one of two, actually - I have a poetry-loving (and writing) aunt who's also responsible) that my drafts folder is full of Poetry Friday possibilities that I just haven't been getting around to (if only I could let go of how I think they are supposed to be, perfect, just so, etc!).

Hope you're having a great weekend, Karen!