Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catching up with Krampf

It seems that I keep finding and losing Robert Krampf.

I blogged about him a couple of years ago, when I had just gotten myself signed up for his "Experiment of the Week" again. Then, somehow, I must've fallen off the subscriber list, because I stopped getting the emails somewhere along the way. It seems that he may have had some problems with subscriber lists when making technical and website changes, etc. What I love about him is that he says things like this:

For some reason, for the past few weeks, I have been sending the experiments,
but they have not been going out. After quite a bit of testing, tinkering,
and a few bowls of ice cream, I think I have the problem corrected.

Anyone who does problem solving with ice cream in hand is a friend of mine.

This week, I'm back in the loop, as I got his email about his science videos, which are wonderful. Check out this one on birdwatching. Delightful! He's blogging, too -- and the photos are gorgeous.

I'm thinking about ordering his new DVD -- I love how excited he gets about everything. "Exciting" was certainly not the word that came to mind for me when I was in school and had to "do science." I tend to think of it as a weaker area for me, but somehow, I've managed to create in my two oldest kids (too soon to tell with Ramona) a love for science, even with my "Oh, no, my eyes will glaze over" attitude. Anne-with-an-e loves anything to do with biology, and can't wait to dissect things that are bigger and better than owl pellets. Betsy loves the hands-on of experiments and chemistry-related stuff.

And Ramona? Well, she was pretty happy about getting her hands in ketchup. So, maybe we're on the right track after all.


Eileen said...

Same thing was happening to me -- I just started getting emails from him again, too! I love his stuff. His experiments are easy and fun, and his descriptions are just delightful (ice cream is a frequent part of the discussion, and I'm with you on appreciation of that character trait!) :) I haven't checked out his blog yet, but I'll bet it's great.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

He is just darling!

I, too, used to be on his mailing list...thanks for reminding me about him!