Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who doesn't love Margaret?

We all love Margaret!

So, we should all run, not walk, over to Minnesota Mom's blog and wish her a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Margaret is still on a spiritual retreat from her blog, but you can leave a message, as I happen to know that she does check her email. ;-)

Margaret, may your guardian angel (whose feast day it is!) watch over you today and always.

The happiest of days to you!

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

Not only do I check my e-mail, I also keep up with my favorite blogs! (Our Blessed Mother understands, of that I'm certain. She knows how hard our job is.)

Karen, this post is the next best thing to having done up one of my own. Thank you.

Have a blessed & fun feast of the Holy Guardian Angels! Believe me, they've gotten me out of many a bind. :)