Monday, October 29, 2007

We now resume our usual busy-ness

Remember when I said I'd be extremely busy for a few days?

I was.



And drove. To Texas (But I was not near any of you, I don't think. Which is why I didn't call you. That and the fact that we did not have a free minute.)

We went to a wedding.

We ate. We danced.

We laughed. We cried.

We slept.

We drove.

And drove. And drove.

We got home.

Mr. Putter was delighted to see us.

We looked in amazement at much laundry.

We collapsed.

Atticus uncollapsed and went in to work an hour after we got home. I dubbed him Super-Atticus.

I retrieved many, many email messages (after proving to myself that I can actually go several days without internet usage even as free wireless stared me in the face at our lovely hotel. Are you proud of me?)

I didn't answer any of those emails.

I wrote this post.

I said good-night.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Welcome home!!!

Tu m'as beaucoup manqués.

(I'm making you work for that one,on account of your not answering any of your emails. Were any of them from me? No matter. I can still be obnoxious.)

Oh, and did I say Welcome Home? :)

Matilda said...

Um... I would like to know just what part of Texas you were in that you didn't come through my part to get there and if you don't say Amarillo or Wichita Falls you are in big trouble!

Colleen said...

I was born in Nebraska, grew up in Texas, and still have tons of family in Nebraska. So, I am very familiar with that loooong drive. Atticus sure is Super-Atticus!

Karen E. said...

Did you miss me, Margaret? I missed you, too. No, none of the emails were from you. I believe you owe me, dear. ;-)

Matilda, fortunately for me, I can honestly say we were in Amarillo!

Colleen, in what part of Nebraska do you have family?

Colleen said...

Most of them are in the northeastern part, small towns like West Point and Dodge. There are a number of farmers in my family. I was born in Omaha and I have several cousins now living in Lincoln.