Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm Intrigued

Paul Thigpen's new book, My Visit to Hell, looks really interesting.

Reviews, anyone?

H/T to Sarah, at Another Day of Catholic Pondering ... I was checking out her list: "Nose Inserted" ....


Sarah said...

I got interested when our priest used it in his homily a few weeks ago...and then, since I work with him and he knows what a bookworm I am, right before I left for my week off, he left it on my desk. So far, I'm just at the very beginning, but oh, very good. If I wasn't committing myself first to catching up on blogs this week, I would be indulging in reading it to the exclusion of all sorts of other things that need done. And it's not new...the intro said it was a revised edition (he updated some of his cultural references, has aged in 15 years and had some insights due to maturity, etc)

And you answered my question as to whether anyone pays attention to that sidebar... :)

Jennifer said...

I'm curious as well. I acutally had the pleasure of hearing him speak at an apologetics seminar. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Karen E. said...

I didn't know you worked with him, Sarah! How interesting! I see now, from his site, that this must be an update of his Gehenna novel?

Jennifer, I had the pleasure of hearing him, too, at our parish a few years ago. And he's been delightful to work with whenever I've submitted anything to "The Catholic Answer" magazine. He's a terrific editor, and once guided a really mediocre piece of mine into something worth printing. A true gentleman.