Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're dryer-lint challenged

Remember the dryer lint post?

I was cruelly mislead inspired by Lissa and Jennifer to give the stuff a try.

Ummm ... may I just say, that if you have people in your family with long hair, and you also have a cat, that your dryer lint tends to get full of stuff from both? And those are pretty disgusting ingredients when it comes to clay?

The final result? Several kids and a mom saying, "Ewwww."

Pass the Sculpey.

(Note: I still love you, Lissa and Jennifer, and if you can tell me what we're doing wrong, I really will give it another try. I'm sure I'm somehow at fault. Or, maybe we're just disgustingly hairy slobs. And the final insult? Can you believe that doesn't have any stock photos of dryer lint? Sheesh.)


Mary Vitamin said...

Karen, I was afraid to try dryer lint clay. Maybe with good reason!

Jennifer said...

I second the ewwwww!

Jennifer said...

That is so funny, Karen! Maybe the shampoo recipe would be a better fit? 3/4 Cup flour, 1/4 Cup white glue, 1/4 Cup thick shampoo - Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Knead dough. Add more flour as needed. Store airtight. I have some (cheap) coconut shampoo right now, wouldn't that make great smelling dough?

Suzanne Temple said...

This is really funny, Karen. Then I don't suppose you'd be interested in a recipe for dryer lint casserole??

Karen E. said...

Suzanne, I'll skip the dryer lint casserole recipe, but have you tried Dust Bunny cupcakes?

Jennifer, the shampoo recipe sounds perfect for us. Surely I can't mess that up! The girls love the sound of that one. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

KC said...

Karen, this post was so funny. You painted such a vivid picture.