Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friends of the Georgia Martyrs

Paul Thigpen, coordinator of the group, "Friends of the Georgia Martyrs" writes:

I was privileged to be present for the Closing Session of the Diocesan Inquiry for the Cause of Martyrdom and Beatification of the Georgia Martyrs. This brings to a conclusion the first phase of the canonization process. The official documents will now be taken to Rome by Fr. Conrad Harkins, OFM, so the next stage of the process can begin.
Details about this and other exciting developments in the Cause will appear in the next issue of The Palmetto, the newsletter of the Friends, which will be appearing in the next few weeks. Look for it!

Meanwhile, your prayers are being answered; the Cause is moving forward. Keep praying, and tell others about the Martyrs!

For more information about the Georgia Martyrs, see this link and this link.

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Alice said...

I had never heard of these American Martyrs, Karen. Thank you so much for sharing this.