Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm sending you away again

Because I don't yet have that really cool, better-than-a-blogroll widget thingy that Melissa Wiley has.

So, run off and read:

Lissa, on children's literature

Suzanne's gentle and lovely reflection on the earliest years of parenting little ones

Kristen, on The First Step of Lent

Willa, on everything

Katherine, on assessing where one may be in spiritual danger, and on her Lenten focus

The Way of the Fathers
, both for Mike Aquilina's daily title puns (except today's post, in which he had, of course, the good taste not to pun) and daily excellence in Church history

Amy, to offer her congratulations on the best of news

, being her wonderful self

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Rebecca said...

I love you Karen! :)