Thursday, February 01, 2007

I wanted to blather on today, but I couldn't

Because I've had lotsa, lotsa problems with Blogger.

I love you, Blogger, but you really exasperated me this morning. And now, you appear to be back and working, and I'm out of time.


It's sort of the same feeling we can get with our kids, you know?

"You mean the world to me, but I might toss you out the window in a minute."

The feeling always passes, and we never toss them out the window.

But, we do run out of time to blather.

I'll be back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Grrr...I know the feeling I've been having problems trying to log into my Flickr photo account...and I am unable to do so...more any blog with a flickr badge is acting really funny...

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Karen, you're cute.

Now pardon me while I go and fetch my children. It appears that they've been tossed into a snowbank or two.

Karen E. said...

Ahhh, it seems I am not alone, ladies, in my feelings about both blogging and mothering. :-)