Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feast of St. Francis de Sales

Doctor of the Church and patron saint of authors, journalists, and the deaf.

"Oh what remorse we shall feel at the end of our lives, when we look back upon the great number of instructions and examples afforded by God and the Saints for our perfection, and so carelessly received by us! If this end were to come to you today, how would you be pleased with the life you have led this year?" ~~ St. Francis de Sales

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

Lord, I am yours,
and I must belong to no one but you.
My soul is yours,
and must live only by you.
My will is yours,
and must love only for you.
I must love you as my first cause,
since I am from you.
I must love you as my end and rest,
since I am for you.
I must love you more than my own being,
since my being subsists by you.
I must love you more than myself,
since I am all yours and all in you.



Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting this prayer. It is beautiful. It will be going into our notebook today.

Melissa Wiley said...

Patron saint of authors AND the deaf??? How did I not know that? I have read a collection of his letters, and was moved and humbled and edified beyond words. But wow, now I see an even stronger connection to our family...methinks I need to become better acquainted with this dear saint. Thanks, Karen.

Melissa Wiley said...

P.S. Karen, I usually read your blog on Bloglines and I guess I must not click through often enough. I hadn't noticed your new tagline before. You made me laugh out loud! In the middle of a mouthful of everything bagel! LOL.

Karen E. said...


So glad you got a laugh, even if it was with a mouthful of bagel. :-) Yes, you've got to get to know St. Francis de Sales better! He's one of my favorites!