Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ramona observes the safety rules

Ramona does her four-year-old best to grasp, internalize and practice all of the usual safety rules. The actual consequences of each indiscretion, however, are a little harder to grasp.

This morning, she ran to me with a pair of scissors and said, "Are these ones safe for me to use?"

Seeing that they were the blunt-edged pair, I said, "Yes, those are your scissors, but don't run with them. That isn't safe. Please walk, and carry them with the cutting part down."

She turned around and walked away, very slowly and deliberately, watching her grip on the dangerous but coveted cargo, the caution in her step so obvious that I wanted to pick her up and squeeze the cuteness of it.

As she entered the dining room where her sisters were busy creating a paper chain explosion, I heard her say, "I was accidentally running with scissors. But don't worry. I didn't crack my head open."


Love2Learn Mom said...

That is SO funny. Isn't that a fun age? My little Kate is turning 5 in January.

The Bookworm said...

Oh, that one is classic!

Heidi said...


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Jill said...


Rebecca said...

I just love that child!:)

You can buy her a "Runs with Scissors" shirt for Christmas. I bought one for my ds6 that says "Runs with Sticks"