Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ten things I am thankful for this week

1. A car with 222,000 miles on it.

2. A visit today from my friend Linda.

3. The lake yesterday with friends, J. and M. -- watching our children climbing slides, building sandcastles, and riding the merry-go-round as we talk and encourage one another.

4. My children. All of them. The three here on earth, the many in heaven. The experience of carrying each and every one of them, whatever the result. Though it is hard to thank God for a loss when one is in the midst of the unbearable pain, I know that He has led and taught me through all of my children ... through their lives, their deaths, and the resurrections He granted me after each miscarriage.

5. Fr. Anthony in the confessional on Saturday. What a wonderful priest.

6. A note from Fr. Joe.

7. For blogs.

8. Thinking, "I could really stand to lose a few pounds." It means I have more than enough to eat, that I never go to bed hungry and that I have the means to share with others.

9. Ramona in the morning, Betsy's enormous heart, Anne's compassion.

10. For St. Atticus.

11. [Yes, I know this is cheating] I'm thankful to Lisa for doing a thankfulness carnival.


yesterthoughts said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiring list of gratitude. God bless you and your family.

Suzanne said...

Great list. Number four, especially. Beautiful.

Diane said...

Great list, Karen. Straight to the point---I love it. I agree with Suzanne...#4 is especially beautiful.

Re: #10: do you happen to have a particular St Atticus in mind? ;)

I'm wondering just how early those of you in the US start your blogging...I was surprised to find this posted already and I can't believe two people have been here before me, considering my 6-9 hr headstart. That's dedication!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I would love to be on this list one of these weeks!

What a wonderful list. Have a blessed day, dear Internet friend!

Katherine in TX said...

Great list, Karen. I'll have to remember #8 when I go stand on the dreaded scale at my OB appointment today. :(

JennGM said...

So wonderful, Karen. #4 especially speaks to me, and I have the same feelings! All those sufferings are truly blessings. Plus, I'm very proud of my saints I have praying for us.

Amy said...

Wonderful list! What a blessing that you can be thankful even in sorrow.

Karen E. said...

Thank you, all! And I'm so very thankful for every one of you.

Dawn said...

Karen, this is a wonderful list full of blessings. Thank YOU for sharing it and all you share here. :)