Tuesday, November 07, 2006

St. Atticus

Lissa always posts a saint of the day over at Bonny Glen. So, how did I miss that yesterday was the feast of St. Atticus?!

It's news to me. I honestly did not know there was a St. Atticus. I took the name from Harper Lee's amazing book, which I love (love Gregory Peck, too ... not as much as my own Atticus, of course.) But, it appears there are a couple of Saints Atticus.

Not much is known about the Nov. 6th Atticus, other than his martyrdom. A little more is known about the Atticus whose feast day is January 8th.

And my Atticus? I don't know if he'll die a martyr, but he does lay down his life for us every day in the classrooms of America. He's a saint in our book.


Jennifer said...

So sweet!

Alice said...

Happy Feast of St. Atticus!!!