Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ramona and Betsy on languages

The other day, as we read Snow Treasure, by Marie McSwigan, Betsy asked what language the characters spoke.

"Norwegian," I said. "They live in Norway."

"Oh," she replied. "And, sooo ... if they lived in Poland, they'd speak Polish, right?"


"And for Germany, they'd speak Germish!" she said, delighted with her clever invention.

"And," piped up Ramona, "if they lived in Squeama, they'd speak Squeamish!"


Jennifer said...

So funny! Thanks for reminding me of Snow Treasure, one of my favorites from childhood. It would be a great one to read for a 'winter' atmosphere with Marianna!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

That is pretty clever for a 4-year-old!

stef said...

Love your kids, Karen! My kiddies are laughing at your little stories whenever I read it aloud to them!