Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm dwivin' in my caw ....

In need of a good laugh? Try The Dialectizer.

With one click, my entire blog was redone in "Elmer Fudd" and I can enjoy posts like this:

De Winged Watchman is such a gweat book.

Anne-with-an-e and Betsy wewe wewuctant to begin this book, because, "It's about boys!" I weminded them that some of ouw favowite peopwe awe boys: Atticus, of couwse (and they'ww someday wove fictionaw Atticus as much as they wove ouw Atticus). Matthew Cuthbewt. Dickon, uh-hah-hah-hah. Cowin (once Mawy Wennox wowks hew magic.) Petew Pevensie (and Edmund -- watew, of couwse.) Wew Tuckew. Pa Ingawws. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

Or, you can convert to Cockney, Pig Latin or several others. But, I find Elmer irresistable.

[Hat tip to Deal at Catholic Writers Online.]

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Suzanne Temple said...

You're so much fun, Karen!