Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If you haven't had a chance to ...

... do go visit Hilda van Stockum's website and sign the Guest Book.

I received a lovely, gracious note (in the comments of a past post) from Mrs. van Stockum's son, John Tepper Marlin. As he notes, we should all be grateful to Bethlehem Books for keeping her work alive.

When I think of the joy and beauty we would have missed had these books gone out of print, I'm saddened. Publishing may be too often driven by dollars these days, but our family is most grateful for those publishers who seek out quality work, then work hard to keep it alive and accessible to all of us.

And we are grateful to the many writers and artists who enrich our homeschooling lives beyond measure.


John Tepper Marlin said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I am reviewing the various obits because for the first time a Dutch publisher is going to translate one of my Mom's books - "The Borrowed House".
John Tepper Marlin ("Timmy" Mitchell)

John Tepper Marlin said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my Mom. I am going through the obits because for the first time we have a Dutch publisher interested in translating one of her books. So far not one was translated into Dutch although many are about Holland.
John Tepper Marlin ("Timmy Mitchell")

Karen Edmisten said...

John, how wonderful that there will finally be a tranlastion into Dutch! I'm so surprised that it hasn't happened before.

I have such fond memories of reading your mother's books with my older girls, and now we're diving in again with my 10-year old.

Your mother truly gave the world so many treasures. Thanks for stopping by with the update!