Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She takes good care of her charges

If you are a beloved doll or a much-cuddled stuffed animal and you are blessed to live in Betsy's room, this is how you look at bedtime,when everyone is tucked in for the night.


MamaJen said...

Oh, I have to tell you! My 4 year old son has a very special bear he calls "Morgan" (named after a friend's baby girl). He is a Ty "Blueberry" bear (originally gotten as a baby present for him by a neighbor, discovered a year and a half later by ds and never out of sight ever since!) just like the blue one toward the center of this picture. Ours isn't quite so blue anymore, and is a bit, well, smaller, lol! (this bear of ours has had a LOT of love!) I showed ds this picture, and we had great discussions about Morgan's "twin" and how she has different "friends".

Our house looks a lot like yours, with bears and bear friends tucked in at night! Just thought I'd share that there's a bear "relative "of your daughter's living at my house! :-)

Karen E. said...

How sweet! I'll tell Betsy that her bear's relatives are exquisitely cared for! ;-)

Alice said...

I so love Betsy! She would fit right in around here.

BTW, Margaret just made her a Halloween card. Let's hope it gets mailed!