Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ramona's latest favorites

Ramona loves penguins. But then, who doesn't love penguins? Some of her favorite penguin reads of late: Penguins A-B-C by Kevin Schafer, the amazing photographer. The photos in this book are gorgeous. Like a lot of alphabet books, it's not the best for teaching letter sounds ("C is for Chinstrap Penguins" isn't very helpful, but the photo of chinstrap penguins is delightful.) But then, we don't look at this book for phonics. It's about the penguins, isn't it?

Tina and the Penguin
by Heather Dyer is silly fun. No big message, a little bit of educational info, but mostly just enjoyable illustrations and a nice little story.

Penguin Chick
by Betty Tatham is a bit science-y (it's actually geared for a slightly older age) but Ramona still loved it. The illustrations, by Helen K. Davie are beautifully done, and she enjoyed following the life cycle of a penguin, from egg to grown-up. My older girls commented that we need to rent March of the Penguins again.

Flip and Flop, by Dawn Apperly is another sweet, fun little story about two penguin brothers and their new friends. There's some of the "little brothers are pests" mentality, but it's pretty innocuous and Ramona loved the colorful illustrations.


Liz said...

Have you tried Mr. Popper's Penguins? It might be a little advanced for Ramona (although I don't recall anything to scary or inappropriate). I just remember it was very funny when I read it to my two many, many years ago.

Carrie K. said...

I'll bet your house is as excited about the movie Happy Feet that's coming out in November as ours is!

Karen E. said...

I didn't even know about Happy Feet! Will have to look into it. :-)

Liz, we read Mr. Popper a couple of years ago, but it's probably time to revisit it!