Saturday, July 22, 2006

A deliberate blog

Lissa wrote this:

"Oh! Oh! I just had the best idea. Someone should do a Charlotte Mason blog. Like the Blog of Henry David Thoreau, which offers a selection from Thoreau's journal almost every day. All of Charlotte Mason's works are online*, in the public domain. Some devoted blogger out there could choose a passage every day and post it for the enjoyment and edification of all the rest of us. I am tempted, tempted...but no. Really, very much no. PLATE ALREADY FULL. :::tells self sternly::: Overflowing, even. So: brilliant idea up for grabs.)"

Amy wrote this:

"Lissa had an idea for a Charlotte Mason blogger in the spirit of the Thoreau blogger (hat tip to Willa). I'd much rather do that than post about the mush we eat for dinner, ROFL. So losing one blog may be opening up the door to another?

What does everyone think? If *anyone* would rather be the "Charlotte Mason" blogger, let me know. I would gladly step aside -- but if no one wants to, I think it's a great idea and since I want to go through her works myself, it would be a win-win thing. I couldn't promise daily though.

(Amy sits back and patiently waits, hoping someone else will relieve her of this crazy multi-blog compulsion she has honorable duty to share Charlotte Mason inspiration with the blogosphere)."

I thought this:

"Wow! What a great idea! Wow! How amazing that Amy's thinking of taking that on! Wow! I hope she does it! Because -- wow! -- I know I won't!"

Then, Lissa wrote this:

"The delightful Amyable of Among Women, the Blog of Virtues, and Haiku of a Homeschooler has taken me up on my suggestion. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of a blog called A Full Life: The Works of Charlotte Mason."

Because Amy has just created this:

"Welcome to “A Full Life: The Works of Charlotte Mason.” My goal here is to share the wisdom of Charlotte Mason as seen in her writings, in manageable, “muse-able” sized pieces. For my own sense of order and sanity, I’ll be going through her six volume “Home Education” series, in order. The whole text of that series can be found HERE.

From now on, the words will not be mine, but Miss Mason’s. If I have something to say, it will be in the comments (or clearly noted)."

And I thought this:

"I went to the woods ... no, no ... I went to Charlotte Mason ... because I wished to live deliberately."

Thank you, Lissa. Thank you, Amy.


Amy said...

Thanks for spreading the word Karen! It is really pretty easy to set up, and I'm excited to have this available to people (including myself- I love Charlotte Mason but only have the brainpower to understand her in tiny doses, lol!)

Karen E. said...

Funny, Amy! I was working on a post about today's CM quote when this comment from you came in!